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Company Profile
BWG Wire Nails Co. provides quality iron wire processed nail products, used for general purpose applications as fasteners. Products include Roofing Nails, Fetter Ring Shank Iron Nails, Concrete Steel Nails, Flat Head Panel Pins, Shoot Nails, Common Round Iron Nails, Annular Thread Ring Shank Nails, Fine Iron Nails, Finishing Nails, Iron Brad Nails, Shoe Iron Tacks, Galvanized Iron Square Boat Nails, etc.

Finish can be: Polished, vinyl plated, blued, phosphated, hot dipped galvanized, temper hardened, electro galvanized or color painted.

Collated Coil Wire Nails
Collated coil nails are used in the industries of wood furniture, architecture, board package and fitment. Especially for the binding of batch woodwork and the parts which are not easy to be operated by manual hammer. It is the ideal successor to traditional manual bulk nail.

Collated coil nails can save time and labor;
It has strong penetrating power, beauty and long duration;
Using of coil na... [Detailed]
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